Friday, May 21, 2004

The Long Weekend...whoo hoo.

You have no idea the feeling that I felt as I left work today, and walked to Karen's car, turned up "Swallowed" by Bush, and sang along. The weekend is looking spectacular, except for the weather, and I'm looking forward to some great times. Today at work we had another day full of intense debate, everything from Catholicsm and speaking in tongues to depression. We also had some huge laughs, I'm finding I'm enjoying my job more because of the people. Anyways, I'm off to Kev and Mich's 19th, so have an awesome weekend!


Louis Dauphin said...

I hope you have an enjoyable long weekend. Make the most of it and welcome to the blogging world.

Felix said...

what? you're done blogging already? that was such a tease!

Maria said...

Good times at work, hey Sarah!