Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Do you remember? Can you feel it?
The simple joy and freedom of childhood.
It’s caught in the light of a grin, as girls ride down the sidewalk,
Hands raised in triumph at mastering riding without steering.

When did the worries of life crowd out the pleasure of swinging?
Can you still climb a tree without fear, or finger paint without a thought to the mess?
Or perhaps, childhood is not a place we should long for again.
It’s only a part of the journey, not the destination.

We should learn from a child’s faith,
Take time to savour life, and hug freely,
But realize that trials will test that faith, that work is a necessity too,
And that others might pervert the love we show.

Childhood is not paradise – only an echo of it.

~Sarah Thomson


Rachel said...

once again i stand in awe of your talent Sarah. Beautifully put... it gave me something to think about.

Louis Dauphin said...

Very thoughtful. I've always enjoyed your writing.

Scatterfingers said...

Sweetness! I just published a poem about childhood, and when I came here, behold. The same thing. Wierdness :)

This is my childhood...