Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Fragile Life.

This past weekend some of my sister Rebecca's school mates were involved in a fatal car accident. Drunk driving is suspected, which only adds to the tragedy, but either way, at least one of the members of the car was killed. Please pray for the two remaining kids who were injured and also for the families and friends that have been hit with grief. As I was driving home from work today, I was thinking about how fragile life is. I haven't ever been truly affected by death, but I know I will be. And that thought sometimes takes my breath away. I can't imagine the loss I would feel. Sometimes it makes me want to close up to the world, and minimize the oncoming pain that I'll feel. I'll never do it, I would hurt myself more to never experience the joy of attachments. However, as you go about life, don't forget that its not something thats promised for tomorrow, and that you only have today. Life life full, and treasure people, not things. And pray for those you may know, or don't know that you hear that have lost people important to them.

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Louis Dauphin said...

Very interesting words Sarah. I heard about the accident a few days after it happened, and even had a chance to see where it occured; life is truly a fragile thing. Being someone who has lost many friends and family members it is difficult to put into words what you feel. Closing up to the world becomes easier, never attaching yourself to someone can become second nature. I know that my losses have become more difficult to bear because I chose to bear them alone and keep others who were there to help at a distance. We are not promised tomorrow, but there are times when building walls to prevent tomorrow's latest loss seems like the only way out; all the while one causes present-day relationships to suffer.
After all this time I still find it hard to keep people close, even my own family, but with every day I am learning to give a little more in every relationship. The journey of life is very interesting; some lessons you learn quickly, others take more time. Learning to deal with death and the loss of those around me is one that I am still being schooled on.