Monday, June 14, 2004

God centeredness.

So many thoughts fly through my head each day, uncounted. But if they were, and they were catalogued, I know there would be far, far too few that were God centred. I want to proclaim the love of Jesus in all I do and say, but our actions and words must orgininate from the heart and mind. To be God centred outwardly, we must first be centred correctly on the inside. Am I? Not even close. Its easy to talk, to make good commitments, but the heart reveals the truth. Its at this point that I begin to look inwardly, and berate myself, try to do better, and become overcritical. This past week it became too much. And then God showed me, at just the right moment, that I was focusing on the wrong end. I have no power, no strength to do better. How stupid to try to focus on God more by focusing on yourself and doing better in that area! If we are stumbling, if we are falling, if we are tired, if we are worn down, look to Christ for the ability to focus on Him. The simplicity of the truth hits me again. We are nothing of ourselves, and that realization has made me full of praise. Praise for the One who has done everything, and for which I must look to, to do anything!

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Karen said...

Hi Sarah, I really appreciate what you are saying here. It is so true -- God-centredness is often far from my thoughts as I go through my day. Its so easy to become focused on what is temporary, on what is tangible, on what is bothering us. And yet, we are called to look to Christ, to be godly in our talk, actions and relationships. I am so thankful that Christ lifts me up and I can only bow before Him in humble praise!

Always remember that a strong prayer life and a strong personal relationship with Christ and His Word is extremely vital and essential to become God-centred in all we do.