Friday, June 04, 2004

I Have a Dream

I Have a Dream

I have a dream, of quiet notes and loud beats.
Of running through a field, bruised sky overhead,
Wind rushing past me, songs surrounding me.
Hands outstretched, not to grasp – but to give.

I have a dream, of dark skies and light hearts.
Of a bed with tangled sheets, rain pouring,
Standing outside with him, silent in the crash and boom.
Hands outstretched, to pull him closer.

I have a dream, of soft grass and hard asphalt.
Of leaving my world behind, watching it go past,
Silver body, black wheels, power under pressure.
Hands outstretched, waving at the bystanders.

I have a dream, of immense faith and little doubt.
Of grappling with truths, having them permeate my soul,
Colour my life, and seep into those around me.
Hands outstretched, not to grasp – but to give.

I have a dream, of my young heart and old body.
Of looking back as my sun goes down,
Time in moments, rushing past, colouring my life.
Hands outstretched, as I tell you of my existence.

~ Sarah Thomson
March 17, 2004


Louis Dauphin said...

Out of all the poems you have written, I like this one the most. Keep on writing.

Felix said...

i'm not usually one for poetry, but this one is nice :)

lstew said...

you = cool

Anonymous said...
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Rachel said...

me = speechless. :) i didn't know you were such a poet Sarah. I'm quite impressed... keep writing!

Nathan said...

Soo Good. As I read this, appropriately I was listening to Chuck Mangione's Feel's So Good. The dream like quality of the intro of the song set my mood to really identify with your dream. It was sweet, being exposed to such art from two mediums one playing off the other.
Again So Good. Don't stop writing.