Monday, June 14, 2004

My rant.

What's more important, "impeccable" doctrine or a life that truly follows Christ?
Why is the right denomination of more weight than your commitment to obey God in even the smallest areas?
Why is it that people judge by making a generalization of a group of Christians?
Why is that people must have the right experience before they are accepted by their brothers and sisters as true believers?

I've been going to a Independent Reformed Church for 7 months now. I am a member of a Reformed Baptist church back home, but decided that I was not going to attend the sister church in the area for many reasons. Some of my reasons have become not applicable at this point, others have stayed just as potent, and others have come more recently. I have found a community at this church that outweighs anything I've ever experienced. It lifts one another up spiritually, as well as socially. I've been challenged, convicted, disturbed at my ignorance, encouraged, and felt Gods peace here. So why exactly is it that I have to answer for the validity of the congregations walk with Christ? I make no comment, except to say that in every body there are saved and unsaved. And that this is where the Lord has led me.

He has blessed me here, from biblical sermons each week, to friends who are foremost upbuilding spiritually, to a greater understanding of unity, to a plentitude of oppourtunities to serve God. I refuse to choose my church based on where the "right" guys are for me. I refuse to choose my church based solely on what my parents are comfortable with/think is best. I refuse to choose my church because its the expected thing for me to do. I refuse to choose the easy way because its easier. I choose the Lords way. Wherever that leads. And if you have a problem with where that is, than first look at your reasons for wanting me to choose what you think is the right way. The correct church denomination doesn't guarantee anything. Pray for me, pray for our churches, regardless of the denomination, and don't be afraid to let me step out of your comfort zone.


Nathan said...

Hey Sarah, I'm enjoying your blog thus far. I was wondering, how much did the church's need of your contributions come into play in deciding a church? I think this is one thing I find is a strong influencing factor for me. I wonder how often people "ask not what your church can do for you, but what you can do for your church". Keep on bloggin' we miss you.


Sarah VH said...

Good insight Nathan. At the time of my decision it played a fair bit into it.

lstew said...

amen to stepping out of the bubble. once i had my mind made up that i was coming to RUC my Dad had one thing to ask me, "you're not going to come back all reformed are you?"

jokes on him. i've been attending a crc church for over 2 years now.

Louis Dauphin said...

May God continue to use you wherever you are Sarah.