Monday, July 05, 2004


Have you ever looked at this world and realized the emptiness it is without God?


Nathan said...

Yes, I quite understand that seeming emptyness. In fact sometimes I am confronted with it. I don't know exaclty how that works but does. Sometimes I'm walking down the street, or sitting outside. As I see people having a conversation about what they want to do with their life. Watching a frustrated man talk on his cell phone, I see people and their obsession with this world, and how what they are obsessed with is broken.

Philosopher king said...

As mutch as I understand your concept of empty .. I think the world isn't empty but rather full. Full of sin - And when the world becomes full with God - rather God becomes visible to you [actively] Then the world can begin to shine the way it's supposed to and in the way we were created to view it.

Nathan said...

I would agree with you. I think part of my sense of emptyness came from empathizing with the non-Christians, who often see a lacking of fullness in their lives.