Tuesday, August 03, 2004

an amazing weekend...

I don't even know where to start about last weekend. It was indescribably good!

On Friday morning at 3, I was picked up by Kev, Mich, Dan and Chris to start our road trip to Cedar Point. We blared the tunes, were subject to a Homestar Runner voice by Kev and laughed a lot for just waking up. We made it through the border without being stopped, (phew) and then stopped at a Timmys in the US of A. Some people thought it would be good to eat snack mix there at 4:30 in the morning, or try to stuff it down my throat. More on the food later. We then nearly lost Michelle who was STILL in the bathroom, and then drove off down the New York highway.

We kept driving all night..through PA and then Ohio. No major animals were hit or seen, except for a "ghost" deer that Chris swears he saw, and a possum that Chris ran over for a second time. We arrived in Sandusky, Ohio at nine-ish Friday morning, a little bit tired and absolutely pumped for Cedar Point. We checked into our motel rooms, which were nicely decorated in kiwi green and orange and then headed to Cedar Point for opening time at ten. Driving up, I think all of our mouths were open. Chris was going nuts in the drivers seat, and I was reconsidering my decision to hit up all of the rides there. Wonderland is a kiddy park compared to this place!

The first ride we went on was The Raptor, Top Gun on steroids. Chris's shirt became a record of the time and name of each ride we went on, and we did everything from a big merry go round to wooden coasters. Lunch was PB and J. This was to become a common meal. After lunch we opted for the water park which was great fun. We did every slide there, made up new ways to get the lifeguards upset in the wave pool, and rafted down a huge slide. I ended up being vertical to the ground numerous times on that ride, to the chagrin of Dan who only could look up jealously. (Disclaimer: Not jealous of me, just my position on the ride...or at least thats what he says.) There was also the acquired knowledge that my bathing suit top wasn't meant for speed slides.

We left the park and went for supper, after staring in awe at the riders shooting past us at 200 km/h on Top Thrill Dragster. Coasters is a 50's style resturant that charges unreasonable prices, but then again..what were we expecting. They had a genuine jukebox there, but it didn't allow you to choose the music. Kev persistently tried to get his money in the slot, however. He also persistently tried to win a game similiar to a slot machine. Thereafter, we guarded him from going to close to it, and thats pretty much the only reason he didn't leave CP a gambling addict.

By this time, 6:30 I was exhausted. Not just exhausted, but dead on my feet. Having 3 hours of sleep and walking all day was making me feel sick. So I decided to take a nap in the van while the rest of the group went on a few rides before coming back to check on me. I passed out almost immediately, except for a scare involving a seagull. Have you ever been half dreaming, half awake, and reality gets twisted? I was drifting when I heard a loud tapping/scraping noise. I immediately assumed someone was trying to get into the van to hurt me. I tried telepathing Kev to get him to come back and save me, but it didn't work. The noise kept coming, and finally I sat up and realized there was no one around. Instead, I had been listening to a seagull walk back and forth across the van roof for 10 minutes. I successfully got him away by hitting the roof with my feet repeatedly.

An hour later we headed back into the park, after waiting out a short rainstorm, and got carried over the park by the Skyride. This was an alpine ski liftish ride that went half the length of the park so you didn't have to walk. This ride could either be hilarious or romantic, depending on who you were with...;) We did a lot of rides that night, because so many people had left because of the rain. Millenium Force was amazing. An 85 degree plunge and huge amount of twists and turns at very fast speeds. I swallowed some bugs and Chris lost his voice that night.

The last ride of the night was Top Thrill Dragster. Me and Mich went ahead of Dan and Chris on this one. Kev had volunteered to take the front seat, and had gone ahead of us. Chris was nearly peeing his pants, all you could hear from Dan was "oh boy" and Mich was half freaking out ("oh no, oh no"), half pumped. I alternated between being completely excited, to grinning, to feeling a huge amount of butterflies. We got shot forward, at 200 km/h, and I opened my eyes to see myself do a 90 degree turn upwards and keep going 420 feet in the air. We had 5 seconds on the top and then went straight down 420 feet, twisting around as we went. I've never felt so alive in my life. Mich can testify to all the shouting and screaming I did when we got back.

We went back to the motel, and crashed. Well supposedly the guys did. Me and Mich talked to 1:30 in the morning...and some excellent quotes that never will be revealed were said. We woke up, wait...I woke up to the alarm that morning. And then we got ready and headed off to the guys room for breakfast. Kev had lovingly prepared for us on the bed, no other than...PB and J. We read Psalm 103, lazed around for awhile, watched Chris spastically wiggle along the floor to take his suitcase to the car, and packed up to leave the motel. The day looked rainy and grey, but within an hour or two, it was absolutely gorgeous...so sunny and 32 degrees.

We went on a sweet standup coaster, and eventually hit up some rafting/water rides. We got completely soaked, everything from our shoes to wallets to my camera...:S. That wasn't the funnest to walk around in the rest of the day. We stopped for some lunch, and you called it, had PB and J. Somewhere in there we went on a really rough wooden coaster that gave me whiplash, and visited the other rides we hadn't yet gone on. By the time we stopped for supper it was seven and we had just finished the Power Tower, a bigger version of Drop Zone. By this time we were all craving our favourite meal, PB and J, so we decided to have some. Its at this point that the weekend took a turn for the worse. Someone started talking about "pulling fingers" and the conversation detoriated from there. I have new respect for Mich, who lives with all guys.

After supper we had a few more hours at the park, so we decided to go on Top Thrill Dragster one more time. Waiting in line took most of the evening, but the ride was so worth it. Kev and I were on the front, and it was ten times better than somwhere at the back. Kev was nearly emasculated by some park attendant trying to fix his lap bar, but the situation was taken care of before the ride started. Dan, who had opted for some random seat had waited for the rest of us to finish for 25 minutes, and wasn't too impressed. But we still had time to ride Raptor twice before the park officially closed.

The ride home was great. By this time most of us were delirious from lack of sleep, and the resulting conversations and actions represented that well. Some highlights were Mich's commentary on her attire, singing late at night to good music, Kev and I hysterically giggling over nothing..."thank yooouu", an early morning stop for Chris at McDee's...ewww, Dan randomly popping up from the backseat to tell jokes I didn't get, and talking about things that matter. We got back to Burlington around 7:30, with the van smelling like wet shoes, and us feeling like we were zombies. But, we were grinning. Well, maybe for some of us, it was on the inside.

No matter the lack of sleep, the cost, the time travelling, the slight motion sickness, the disses, the trip was worth it all. I had an amazing time, and have more appreciation for each person I went with. It was the most enjoyable weekend I've had that I can remember.

Anybody up for a roadtrip next summer?


brent g. miedema said...

Sounds like a pretty sweet trip, Sarah. great job capping it all up.

MastaK said...

grand commentary, that. my fave part: me repeatedly trying to enter coin into slot. i'm a tool.
michelle was really down with your praise of PB&J, as well as the account of a spastic Chris. but that's another story.

lowercaseg said...

sounds like a blast and a half... glad to hear that you had such a great weekend and it was super fun to read! ;)

SoccerChic said...

Well, I enjoyed hearing about your guys trip!! Sounds like you had fun!

Nathan said...

That stand up coaster you mentioned may have been the Mantis. The wodden coaster could have been the Mean Streak or the Gemeni, or mabye the Blue Streak. I'd have to say I'd take Cedar Point over Canada's Wonderland any day, except maybe Christian day. It was one of the first amusement parks I remember going to, and it has a lot of fond memories with family and friends.

Thanks for sharing your weekend Sarah.