Thursday, September 16, 2004

and so the story continues...

God works in mysterious ways. God is also good. Very good.

In the past 6 months, I've seen two of my closest friends and my sister become Christians. There is nothing, NOTHING, more awesome than seeing the light of the gospel dawn in the eyes of those who before walked in darkness.

I've listened to my sister share how Christ has become the world to her, and how simple and amazing the truth is. I've talked at night to my friend who because of her commitment to Christ has new strength, and hope of so much more than this life. I've prayed desperately to God to open Kev's eyes, and then turned to look as he saw the light and sang of Gods grace. Its incredible.

Because of Kev's salvation, the roadblock to us ever being more than friends was taken away and this past Sunday my parents gave their blessing to him dating me. Whoohoo. I'm incredibly blessed, I couldn't have dreamed that God would ever make things this good.

Which leads me to another thought, why do we underestimate Gods plans for us? I have this stupid notion that Gods way usually equals less fun for me. Sin has infiltrated our thinking more than we ever think, and even as a Christian I don't have the view of God that I should all the time. This experience of relying on God for strength to keep a platonic friendship with Kev, while praying mightily for his salvation, to having my prayers answered and 4 months later beginning a relationship with him has taught me that God is working for my good, and not only that, but He wants to give me the best in His time.

This is not the end of my story, I'm positive God has a lot more to show me through the things I'll experience in the next few years. But He is the One who is taking me through this journey of life, and more and more I'm getting smacked in the face with His goodness, grace and love in spite of my lack of faith and trust.

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