Monday, September 20, 2004


September chill in my bones,
Hot chocolate; a trail of warmth,
The haunting cold remains, no satisfaction.

I watch the faces, emotions on each,
Delving into talk, but I'm still empty,
Alone in this crowd.

A hand holds mine, but I can't feel,
Turning off my eyes,
Can I fool the world?

I feel small and behind the times,
Almost at something, grasping blindly,
Twisted thoughts escape and scatter.

~Sarah Thomson


Anonymous said...

what's a "Kafehaus"?


Dan said...

Thanks, Sarah. You've reminded of years past when things like coffeehouse could be some of the most depressing moments in my week.

Sarah VH said...

mastak... "kafehaus" is German for coffeehouse. I'm feeling very confident with you as my tutor for a second language. ;)