Thursday, September 02, 2004

The summer sun at Connons has set.

This summer has been amazingly fast and slow at the same time. There have been so many days when I was sitting at work counting the day down in 5 minute increments, but looking back it doesn't feel like I've been out of school for four months. I'm not sure how to describe my summer, but I'll try to summarize a few things as I finish these last weeks.

Its been a summer where there has been so much monotony, but an amazing amount of change at the same time. If you've ever worked at a greenhouse you'll understand monotony. Cutting plants, putting them in pots, moving them around. Thats been the majority of time spent awake this summer, but so many things have changed in my perceptions and relationships with people, myself and God that it feels like this summer has been a constant shift. Weird.

I've also learned what its really like to persevere. I quite intensely disliked my job. Especially when it was raining and it was 6 in the morning and I knew I had to spend 10 hours looking at the same people and the same plants again. And it was only Tuesday. But then you get out of bed, and put on clothes, and pray that God will give you a better attitude and go make your lunch.

And how could I write something at the end of the summer without remembering the good and crazy times spent with people at work. Not only that, but the lessons I learned from them and from interacting. How could I forget Aly's pimpin' dance moves to Catwalk, or Maria shrieking "noooaaaa", or laughing til I couldn't breathe while having a leaf fight? Humour and laughter was such a blessing, and memories were made that will never be forgotten. I hope I never forget the way debating and discussing taught me that my opinions are not infallible and that treating people with love is more important. I learned again that some things have to be let go of, and that good things happen when you forgive. I learned more of what it is to be a good boss and grew to respect my supervisor and the way he handled all the harrassment of his job.

I would also like to publicly apologize to Karen VanderDeen for all of the teasing and jokes that were made at her expense this summer. With a laugh like "hoo hoo heee ho ho" who can blame me though? Before I finish I just have to mention my room mate Beth, who will no longer be living with me in the fall. Its been a whole year with that crazy girl, and its been great. We've had our moments, but she has been a huge blessing in my life and I'll never forget the good times we had.

Its been a good summer overall, but thats easier to say now that I'm done it! Back I go to Redeemer, to late nights hanging with friends, late nights writing papers, and late nights trying to study, but laughing too hard to work with Mich. I'm ready for the school sun to rise.

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