Sunday, October 03, 2004

At the End of Day

My Sundown plays quietly in the background as I think back over this day. I think of the people I met unexpectedly, of the words I spoke, of the things my eyes viewed, of the image I presented. I think of the frustration, of the laughs, of the conversations, of the joy that filled this day. I think of the music I made, of the music I heard. I remember my voice singing, my voice being silenced. Thoughts flood through me, quietly cascading onto this page.

And I pray that my God lived through me this day. That my hands were moving at His bidding, and that my lips spoke His praise no matter to who I spoke. I know that I lacked, again, to completely live for His glory. Tomorrow, a hope, not a promise, beckons with fresh beginnings. A new opportunity to give my actions, my thoughts, my words to Christ. I say my goodbyes to this day, and begin to embrace the newness of life that tomorrow holds. I'm going to be so much more than this....tomorrow.

"I see it around me, I see it in everything, I could be so much more than this. I said my goodbyes, this is my sundown, I'm going to be so much more than this. With one hand held high you'll show them Your progress...You'll take your time. " - JEW

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