Thursday, November 04, 2004

Inspiration Unliberated

I'm full of art, full of promise,
My struggle is not for inspiration,
But for liberation of my imagination.

The skies and sand create a longing,
To express this unfathomable beauty,
To give the Artist, His due.

Pulsing, jumping, words leaping,
Tumbling in the chaos of my mind,
Spilling, connecting, notes resounding,
The journey of my soul won't be sung.

Eyes fluid with emotion explore mine,
I long to speak of this passion fluently,
To translate my heart into words.

Moments and light waiting to be captured,
I search for them, but lose them to the night,
Imprinted nowhere but my spirit.

~Sarah Thomson
November 3, 2004


undoubtably_me said...


Sarah, I am very impressed.

~ Jo

bec said...

Ssrah, that was awesome. I admire your skill at putting thoughts on paper, I especially liked the line about "moments and light waiting to be captured" thats exactly how I feel about trying to paint or draw something...I dunno, just to try and grab ahold of something before it slips away...anyways it was great :)