Friday, November 19, 2004


Tonight I finished my 3 hour shift at the Library and then spent an hour talking to Michelle on the stairs between our apt's til we realized it was one in the morning. I'm still not ready for bed, and so I'm listening to B.T.O. , blogging and eating a tub of strawberry yogourt. And by tub, I do mean tub. The later I stay awake, the hungrier I get.

Life is good. Not always easy or fun, but good. I'm keeping up in school while balancing multiple time commitments (for the most part), and I've laughed a lot in the past few days. I'm enjoying it. Times of stress tend to strip you of the simple pleasures of life, and I've enjoyed many this past while. Speaking of the past while, this semester has FLOWN by. I have 3 weeks left of classes at RUC, and it hasn't hit me yet. Dan P. asked me tonight how I was feeling about leaving Redeemer and I realized that I haven't quite absorbed it all yet. I'm just going with it, and I've tried to live here as if I'm not going to throw my life upside down in about a month. Seems to be working...

In other exciting news, my 19th birthday is coming up. On Nov. 23, I'll be the birthday girl once again. I love my birthday, it makes the month of November *dreary, cold, crunch time* so much better. Last year doesn't seem so far away, I can distinctly remember what I talked about and did last birthday. I seem to remember a certain present in the form of a book making my day.

Not only is my birthday coming is Messiah. Yeesh. You know you're slightly screwed when your conductor grimaces and stops the singing again and again and again.. Oh and today I'm "breaking the bonds asunder" quite energetically when I realize that I'm the only one singing. Seems everyone else had a little line that indicated a break, where I have a big bold line to sing straight through. Gotta love that. So above all, these concerts will be interesting and perhaps we'll do Handel a tiny bit of justice on this magnificent piece of his. I almost cried today while I sang "who is this king of glory" a hundred million times. Early praise and worship music done by Handel.

One big benefit of being on PULSE I discovered this morning. You're the first one to pick your CD's and pick I did. I am the very proud owner of 13 (!) new CD's for the low price of $35 dollars. $5 dollar sales are wonderful things. And if any of you are mathematically working that out, you won't be able to. Namely because I sold $30 dollars in my own CD's so I took that off my original price of $65. I also got a free CD which I included in the 13 and one of the CD's was 10 bucks. I hope you all feel much better about the situation now that it's been fully explained.

This weekend is looking fantastic. Not only do I get to see my man, a worship party for Nick, dinner with my parents, another exciting extra choir practice(I win the choir game for that comment Felix) an auction to raise money for our church, church and a visit to the Schmidt's with Kev. It's weird, married couples inviting us over as a couple. Weird, but cool.

And folks...thats about all that's "up". It's now 2 in the morning, and it feels like its 10 at night. I think I should get to bed anyways. Love to you all - take care.

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undoubtably_me said...

It's great to hear you so happy, Sarah!

4 more "sleeps" until your birthday... and 25 more for me! About time to make the old list, I'm thinking...

Anyways, take care, and happy blogging!

~ Jo