Wednesday, December 15, 2004

"Everybody wants to know.."

Many things have happened in the past week or so, some days it seems as if life has become just a bit clearer and sharper, a bit more intense; I can truly say I'm experiencing life.

Thursday was my last day of classes at Redeemer. It seemed unreal that when I walked out of social work class I was closing one more page of this chapter. Maybe its me being more introspective than most, or the season but this change has hit me harder than I thought. I vacilate between being stoked to start new, to broaden my horizons, and to grow in new ways, but there is also a part of me that is still holding back, still wanting to be in this community, running to choir practice, laughing with my dormmates and goofing off in bio lab. I have no idea when I'm going back to school, not really, and college will be much different than this. All of these thoughts constantly run on the backburner of my mind.

Last Friday came the exciting call from Homestead Christian Care which culminated in me being offered a positon there, something I was really hoping and praying for. I've already started my social work career at the young age of 19! I start training on January 10th, which gives me an extra week of relaxation and time to adjust, and hopefully some more time spent with family. I miss just spending time with my family, it seems that even when I visit there is a schedule to follow. Not cool.

On Saturday I spent the morning with my girlfriends having breakfast at the Egg and I. I appreciate those girls so much! We exchanged presents, a lot of candy..., and Michelle will be ringing for a long time to come with her present. *waiting to be hit for that comment* Afterwards Justine and Mich and I went back to her house to hang out and get me ready for Kevs work party that night, which was really fun. Sometimes pressuring Kev to do things turns out well!! ;)

The rest of the weekend was pretty blah/ugh. One of those days where I felt like I was asleep, was annoyed at the world, and then decided to screw myself over by doing what I shouldn't. This all resulted in me feeling less than impressed during the Sunday evening service, and I couldn't even sing. The service dragged on, I became more restless, inside and out, and I longed to get away from everything. Lets just say it wasn't the most worshipful moment in my life.

Monday was a social work exam, and then that night I went to Young Peoples with Kev. I was still pretty apathetic as we started the bible study, but then as we began talking about being dead to sin, and Gods work in us with His death, I was truly refreshed. I really know what people talk about when they speak of the fellowship of believers. Encouraging each other, and speaking of truth brought me into an entirely new mindset and I left there ready to live as I should again. Me and Kev did Bible Study that night too, and that made the night even better.

Tuesday was a really relaxing day at the VH's, I accomplished some important things, and got ready for the MUSIC concert that night. Gus and Kev and I left about 6:30 for TO, and then waited for 45 minutes in the freezing, cold, icy night air waiting to get into the Koolhaus. But man, was it worth it. It was phenomenal. The opening act, Project Orange had some really sweet stuff, a nice mix of OLP and Radiohead. However, the treble had some issues, and the sound became too much at times. The Music hit the stage at 10, and rocked for about an hour and a half. I loved their songs on a stereo, but they were mindblowing live. So much energy, and excitement and innovativeness. The lead singer did his signature dancing throughout, and wow..I have much respect for someone who can dance like that, and then hold those notes like he did. Gus ended up father back, but Kev and I were right up at the front. Nothing like shoving, moving, jumping and dancing crowds to add to the experience. The only downside to the night was that I felt like I was underwater because I couldn't really hear that well for about 30 min after the concert. On the way home we were all shouting and laughing because of our lack of communication. And Gus is hilarious with his driving commentary. Kev is still slightly deaf in his left ear this morning. :S

And today? Well, its a gonna be a mixture of getting things done, relaxing, and whatever I feel like. No exams till Friday night! Maybe I'll start packing up my room, sigh..I should be used to it by now, I've only moved 5 or 6 times in a year and a half. Good gravy.


undoubtably_me said...

nice work, Sarah.

Just don't forget to keep in touch with the friends you've made in univ and you should be in fine shape!

"I won't be old when I'm 20." - sarah
"Yes, you will." - me
"I will be young and hot." - sarah

cheers yall!

~ christy

lowercaseg said...

so glad to hear that you got the job sarah! congrats! may God continue to bless you as you transition! best of luck on the rest of your exams!

Marleah said...

Sarah I'm going to miss you so much! When are you leaving?...I have to make sure I see you before I do...maybe we can do William's one last time or me or email or something...

lstew said...

i'm not going to say that i'm going to miss you cause i'm not, cause i'll be seeing you when you visit and when i visit. so there!