Thursday, December 02, 2004

The Fine Art of Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye is not a new lesson, but its still just as hard. Tonight was my last choir practice in 125G, the famed choir room. I will miss the music we made, I will miss the harmonies, I will miss the mistakes, but most of all I am going to miss the people. I will miss Dr. T's passionate directing, his humour, and his encouragement to worship through the words and music. I will miss my alto's, the best section in the RUC choir. I will miss Laura's loud laugh, the inside jokes, and the friendships that I've made through slugging through text and riding on buses. I will miss the tenor salute, Mikey's comments, and Dan's encouragement. I will miss the choir tours, and the unity that was found. I will miss the sexy sopranos, and the wrecking. I've absolutely loved being a second alto in Redeemer's choir, it has honestly stretched me vocally and personally more than I thought was possible. It doesn't even seem real that after this weekend, my part of being in concert choir is over. It seems too quick, too abrupt, and something I haven't quite realized yet. I feel the temptation to pretend that I'm coming back after this semester, but the tears that will fill my eyes as we sing the last doxology know better. This choir has in some ways, made my Redeemer experience. And for that, I thank you guys so much. May the woman who fills my place enjoy and learn as much as I have.


lstew said...

way to make me cry. jerk.

Felix said...

you will be missed lots sarah. but what a note to leave on eh?

Dan said...

Your write as passionately as you sing, Sarah. *tear*

God bless you.