Thursday, December 16, 2004


As I look forward to January, I've been thinking of things I could include in my life, and that this move will make easier to do..

1. Join a semi-professional choir.
2. Volunteer at the Hamilton Crisis Pregnancy Centre.
3. Go to Montreal and visit Martina.
4. Go on a missions trip.
5. Do creative things like painting again, photography, decorate my room ...cross-stitch.
6. Read lots of books, everything from Augustine to Munsch.
7. Take a longdistance counseling course.
8. Take voice lessons.
9. Roadtrip with friends to NYC.
10. Help out women at my church who are overwhelmed with housework and young kids.
11. Write a book/poetry.
12. Visit Dr. T (he's practically my neighbour!)

Any more ideas?


lstew said...

...visit Marleah and Laura.

Dan said...

Join. A. Choir. :)

And yes, visit the Teeuwsens -- get Bec to tell you T's embarrassing stories :)