Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Settling in, but not settling for average.

When you don't update your blog, you end up not knowing where to start. You are torn between saying "life is great" and detailing what exactly has happened in the past month. And because you don't want to read either, I won't follow either of those paths.

What I will say is that God has pulled so many strands together in my life lately I'm beginning to see how trusting His plan is always the best option. My new living arrangements have turned out to be awesome, and I can't believe how much I'm enjoying my new job at Homestead Christian Care. It's challenging, but I've decided there is no way I can expect myself to be pro at it all immediately, and it's helped to keep perspective. And as for me getting a car, well thats falling together as well, thanks to my Dad test driving vehicles back home and lending me his car meanwhile. The word generous comes to mind.

This new situation has given me freedom to go places, to start new ventures, like volunteering, and still remaining involved in choir and my Redeemer friends lives, as well as doing reading and starting and finishing projects that time didn't allow before. So far, so good.

On Monday night at Young Peoples we discussed not settling for average. This discussion was centred around how the Apostle Paul talks about "taking off, and putting on" as the method of becoming more like Christ. As Christians, followers of Christ, we need to put off gossip, complaining, crude talking, and obscene jokes and put on upbuilding talk, thankful speech, and words that don't degrade others. Only then can we say we have begun to conquer our tongues. It's just as bad to not do something as it is to DO it. Needless to say, it's not the easiest path, but then again, not settling for average isn't supposed to be easy.

Personally, I've settled for average in my thought life for ages. This especially relates to how I become depressed and self centred when things don't go my way or when I begin to view life pessimistically. It's way easier to run, to try to forget about the battle for change than to fight being down. But the more I try, the more I see how prayer and a decision to change really impacts me. Eating, sleeping, drinking, and excercising right has also made a difference. Not that I'm now doing everything by the book, but little changes here and there.

And..that's about it, back to all the little stuff that fills my days off. Oh, and a shoutout to all the choir people...I'm coming to OUCF!


Dan said...

Welcome back, Sarah! I can't wait to sing with you again at OUCF (you ARE singing, right?), and I'm so glad things continue to come together well for you. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

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lowercaseg said...

awesome! can't wait to see you sarah!