Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Let me tell you where I've been...

I realized yesterday that I am blessed - in so many ways. I was sitting in church and it hit me, what do I have to complain about? I have life, both temporal and eternal to enjoy. I have a great place to live, a man who loves me, a new car, a good job I really enjoy, a group of friends around me to support, a loving family, opportunities galore to serve and revel in life, a spiritual community that has been a blessing, and no real need.

But then I think, do I have need? I heard last night about the church in China, an expanding and passionate church. They are dying to evangelize..literally. The stories of faith, perseverance and miracles was mindblowing. I need that. I need more passion for a God, who I need to know more intimately. I need to get rid of my self centredness - to really live for God with the obedience that comes from loving God. Apparently, persecution is a great tool for helping you do this.

So tonight I spent Valentines day night in Tim Hortons with Kev. We had YP tonight, which was fine with me - but after we went and talked there for awhile. I laughed when I thought about the Tim Hortons employees looking at us thinking how unromantic it was..but I loved it.

And my new car!! How I enjoy my little hatchback Civic with the new sound system and the tinted windows. A hot little car I tell you. I'm also enjoying the power steering - so much easier to park now.

Anyways, I'm coming down with one of those sinus/throat colds so I should get my rest. I am getting very ready for the smell of spring in the air..

Take care "all y'alls".

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