Saturday, April 02, 2005

I'm in love... who knew?

Disclaimer: For all of you out there who don't watch kissing scenes - this isn't the post for you.

I'm in love. That forever kind of love, the one you only see every once in a while, the kind that seems like the movies, but is actually ten times better. It's the kind that brings stupid smiles to my face when I think of him, and the kind that makes me go twenty extra miles to help or encourage him. It's the kind I saw in my Mom and Dad, and the kind I will demonstrate with this man for my life.


And it's "Hey, I'm calling because I know you're not feeling well and even though I saw you 6 hours ago I want to make sure you're still hanging in there.."

It's kisses while dancing, it's sharing deep secrets, it's saying I'm sorry, it's holding onto hope when the other can't. It's the journey of wrapping your lives up together so that the world can only see one. It's the second biggest blessing of my entire life.

It's absolutely incredible. Really indescribable.

And I've not even gotten to the part about who it is that has stirred up this love...

Girls, be jealous, because this guy I'm in love with is smoothtalking but always honest, committed but flirts uncontrollably (with me), the hottest guy around, the best listener who knows when to shut me up, he's responsible, a rebel, he's talented and humble, he's trustworthy, he's romantic, he's intense, he's easygoing, considerate, and knows how to take the good stuff of childhood with him into adulthood. He's a writer, a snowboarder, a good friend, a musician, a man of God.

I'm in love with Kevin Van Hartingsveldt.


Candice said...

not jealous here...
You're not the only one with a perfect man. lol. But keep enjoying the mushiness.


Nathan said...

Praise God, that he has brought you so much love and happiness in a Christian man. I pray you are a good steward of this amazing gift of God. Peace, and Grace,


Laurs said...

EW I shouldn't have read that.


lstew said...

i think i just puked. good to see you yesterday!

- Gus - said...

I have the perfect man, and you all can't top him.. I have myself. HAR HAR. / That made me sick, only cuse I have no knowledge of what its like, and For that I have providence to thank.

SoccerChic said...

I'm going to side with Laura on this one - I got a little nasea over that post:)

Glad your happy though!

Scatterfingers said...

Yeah, so Sarah, can I have your perfect man???

Sarah VH said...

Y'know Dax.. you've tried to get my man enough already.. I think it's time you just admit defeat. Face it, Kev doesn't like your music taste as much as mine.. :P