Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Holy Spirit...rain on me.

I want to breathe you, let my body be energized, renewed by your gentle and vital air. I want to be caught in a storm with You.. like Sunday night with Kev and Mary - watching your storm clouds excite me with anticipation of the release to come.

It's funny how something so small can change the course of your day. Today it was an email with love spoken, and a blog that resounded with my soul. These set the stage for this moment.. the moment I sit down with inspiration, and play my Amanda Marshall CD for the very first time. It feels good. It feels like my prayer is answered - your prayer is answered - I'm relaxed on the inside.

I wish I was going on an adventure tomorrow. To North Ireland to take pictures of green and visit people I'm dying to see or something. Or maybe to drive and drive to a far away place where there is a waterfall waiting to be discovered and music to be heard. I want to DO something.

I know I am doing something - I get to help peoples lives every day. Do you know how cool that is? Today I helped someone see their rudeness and brought peace to a tension filled situation. I wrote a letter to help someone get a new health card. I fed 25 people. I gave encouragement to someone having a rough day. I laughed and joked to let someone smile. I did things even I don't know that I did. I'm blessed to be able to see a part of my influence in this world. Sometimes it feels so small, there is so much to be done, but God used me tonight.

On Sunday, at Meadows, there sat a lady with her nose dripping.. her hands too weak to help herself, and even if they were strong, she was immobile. It was one of those moments where God says "do this" and I did.. I wiped her nose. When I walked back to the group to continue singing, I looked at her - she had had her head down for most of the service, but now her head was up and the smile she gave me was awesome. In that moment, I had a glimpse of Christ in her. It was like I could see what it will be like one day when I stand before Him and see His smile and know that everything I did for Him was worth that one smile.

I'm in need of prayer. I need God to steady me. I know He's my rock, but I can't seem to hold on right now.

Somehow it's so much easier to let my heart and mind spill onto this page when I'm listening to sound that soothes me. You ever find that?

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