Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I'm listening to Dire Straits. I've decided that it's "night music" - Mark Knopfler's voice is suited to those summer evenings where you're slowly dancing or thinking or quietly working and enjoying the breeze. Or it could suit a cozy winter evening, a fall night where you're sipping hot chocolate and making wedding plans. I mean, 'cause we're all making wedding plans in the fall. *cough* Annnyways.

I really miss my stereo being gone - I'm used to it now, no throwing that CD in, my hand doesn't even move to put on the stereo face anymore. Ah well, one day when I have $200 to throw around..

Today at work I was dragging around like a dog carrying his pillow but never lying down. It was rather pathetic, I tried to be energetic, but certain circumstances rather coloured it badly. There was a highlight though, playing 2on2 b-ball after supper in beautiful weather. That was good times. I feel like I haven't left work for a month. I come back in the morning and I'm like, did I leave? I'm training all this week, which sucks at times, because not only are you trying to get everything done, you're trying to explain it too.. However, in an effort to have a positive attitude, I think that our new weekend staff is great.

I'm grumpy tonight. It's been a familiar feeling for the past while, which isn't really a good thing, but I'm being honest. And I wont' go into all the details that precede and stem from that state of mind, but I will say that I'll be thankful for relief of PMS. And now you're all really glad I'm not going into details.

Good night all.


Nathan said...

Have you heard Knoffler's solo stuff? It's pretty good too. Plus I must whole heardtedly agree, Dire Straights is night music, especially "Sultans of Swing".

Anonymous said...

i really think you should post more often. you love to write, it helps you relieve stress, and i LOVE to read anything you right. especially posts like this - thoughts, musings, feelings, the rambling of a wandering mind.


Dan Postma said...

Agree with ::K::

Laurs said...

I'm with ye all the way Sarah. But God is really good to me, I'm going camping all long weekend. THAT, I have not done for a couple years.. I'm in dire need of doing that. Then hopefully I'll be going to Port Elgin Saturday nite just for the Sunday with one of my brothers ... then back to the grind....
Wedding plans... pshhhh.. just elope!!!!