Monday, August 01, 2005


So I'm exhausted. Not just tired, more like I feel like I pulled an allnighter. It's not fun, because I keep zoning out and thinking I'm in my bed when really I'm in the office at work. Enough of that, though.

I had a great weekend. A little different than usual, which was nice. Friday - went to Koop's 19th out in St. Kitt's, where the party was shut down before it started by the cops, and where Kev became a DJ. Saturday - also a great day. Well, not all, but most. I woke up at 10 and rushed around doing such unimportant things as arranging rent money and walking around with a large sum of cash. I had a dentist appointment to fill a cavity, (I know, who has cavities at this age..!) it was actually a cavity around a previous filling... anyways, it hurt and my mouth was numb for 5 hours. I couldn't eat, or drink. I tried, but I got confused about which was the peanuts, and my tongue, and swallowing was non-existent. It was a hungry day.

Me and Mary went shopping - a very successful trip. A dress for upcoming weddings, a feat, considing that all of the dresses we looked were either hideously orange and poofy, or skanky. I also bought an article of clothing for a future time of life.. *Mary's probably giggling at this point* Actually, Mary giggled a lot that trip. So did I. Saturday night was another party, this time at a coworker of Kev's. It involved swimming, being thrown back in to swim, drying off, being thrown back in again, eating, watching of Fantastic Four, some beer, and lots of people I didn't know. Good times.

Sunday was really refreshing, both sermons, at different churches were powerful and helpful. One thing that is always impressed on me after going to Trinity Baptist is the need for a love of the Word of God. It's so vital, and Pastor Muller is great at communicating how we need to be in the Word, living it, and loving to be in it and living it. At night, in a sermon of an eschatological theme, which I need to study.. I realized that we won't always have the freedom to read Gods Word. I had this vision of later years where it wasn't available freely, and me regretting deeply all the time I had spent putting devotions off, or not truly meditating on it. Honestly, think about it..

So yes, that was my weekend. Today, Civic Holiday, which should be named "We want a Holiday so lets name it Civic Holiday so that the government will go for it" Holiday, I'm working. Then, I'm going to hang out with my Kev and the DX-Master. I feel like some wings, maybe a movie, and some sort of cool beverage. After all that recall.. I'm feeling happy and less tired.

Hope you're all enjoying the weekend. (and hey Felix.. whats with not getting back to me..!!)

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