Thursday, August 25, 2005

Something new..

I am officially making a career move. I handed in my two weeks yesterday to Homestead Christian Care and accepted the position of Team Assistant at CCAC of Halton. I am excited, apprehensive, hating to say goodbye and ready to say hello to something new. One plus of my new job, I'll be working with Candice everyday. Wait - maybe thats not a plus. ;)

I only have 4 more days of work with Homestead - and I'm starting CCAC on September 12th which means I have some days to relax at the end of this eventful summer.

Who knows where God is leading me - but somehow I'm becoming more ready to just follow His direction and trust that He knows the path.


Dan said...

Congrats Sarah :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on getting that job, SGT! And on getting a few days off to relax before you start... ah, the luxury of days off.

We have to get together again sometime, eh? We'll host.

~ Jo

lstew said...

Congrats, but what the heck is CCAC? I'd Google it, but I'd much rather have you tell me...maybe i should just phone you even have your new number? let me check...yes, yes i i think i will call you and leave you this redunant comment cause everyone loves getting comments, even if they do ramble on and on about nothing. oh yeah, does yer new position make you rich? cause if it does i think you should take me out for supper. *sincere grin*