Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Here I am at the CCAC - among other things..

So here I am, attired in professional clothes, with a employee identification card and a magnetic strip card to enter the CCAC non-public floors of a semi-highrise building and with the title of Team Assistant, I&R Extended Hours. I have my own phone extension, my own email address, my own computer and cubicle. I have entered the office job sector - the professional womans domain.

It's weird. And kinda cool.

I hate the stop and go commute, the too much information training sessions, and feeling overwhelmed. I love the lakefront scenery outside the office, I'm excited about the work and I love doing that swipety thing to get onto floors 5&6 of the building.

I miss hearing "you have a problem!" 5 times a day from a resident at Homestead who will remain anonymous for confidental reasons. I miss Jessica, Amanda and Abla and working with people who don't have children. I miss knowing what I'm doing. I miss the short commute, but most of all I miss knowing the quirks and details of 25 peoples lives enough to help them - to help them realize goals, to make them laugh and to be the person to convince them that life is still worth living.

On Monday (Sept. 12) Kev and I had been dating for a year. A whole year. It feels like barely any time has passed and that I've always been with him at once.

Also, Kev and I have finished our year long search on doctrine of the covenants and how that relates especially to baptism. Yes, I did say year long study. We have concluded, we now believe to be true, that the New Covenant is radically different than the Old Covenant because Jesus is the representative, not a physical man, and because of that, spiritual birth as opposed to physical birth, is the way you enter the Covenant through His blood. This practically means that you should not baptize someone who has not been spiritually regenerated, as in, an infant. This means big changes. We are going to be attending another church, stepping away from our commitments at Living Water, and that the last wall (apart from my Dads go ahead) is down on the way to getting married. I feel like I've been hit with a bowling ball and tossed into the pins, except in a kinda good way.

But it is a bit disconcerting to now be living with someone new, having a new job, looking for a new church and contemplating marriage seriously. I think thats why I got the perm.

Honestly, if it weren't for the stability of Jesus Christ and my fantabulous Kev I'd be seriously messed up. They both feel most wonderfully like home in the dark journey, and that's why I'm alright.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your first anniversary, Kev and Sarah!


Candice said...

wow .
uh .
I think I would love to hear more on how you concluded that, guys - I promise I won't try to change your minds, but I would like to talk about it.

Looking forward to Saturday night! hey, are we meeting at th WPB then?


Sarah VH said...

Yep. How does 6:00ish sound?

brent g. miedema said...

I'm just wondering how you came to the conclusion that Jesus Christ could not be a physical man. If He is not both fully God and fully man, how can His sacrifice be sufficient for the sins of mankind? Also, how is this covenant radically new? Was Christ not the fulfillment both of the law and of the covenant? I was under the impression that it was not so much a new covenant, rather an extension of the old covenant.