Thursday, September 15, 2005


I sat on a rock by the water today, looking at the waves on the rocks beneath me. I read, and enjoyed the sun on my back – the wind moving along.

I realized suddenly, that after 30 minutes of being here that I hadn’t really even looked at the horizon – the sky, or the distant shoreline. It felt wonderful, and odd, to have missed the larger picture for so long.

I saw it fit together.

The thought came to me that often I look beneath me, 5 feet in front of me. I think about my problems, my circumstances. I don’t look past and see the big picture. I miss out on the fact that God has brought the waves from somewhere else, and that the sun, though more detailed on the nearer rocks, is gloriously magical on the wide expanse of water.

Lord, let me look up, beyond, and outside of myself. Show me your Hand, let me be willing to move physically from the place I’m sitting and out onto the water.

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lstew said...

i like your hair and i'm happy for the hurdles you have run over.