Friday, October 28, 2005

78 more sleeps.

So it's finally Friday. What a week! In some ways it's come and gone quickly, and in another way it's been labouriously looong. Life is so full of these weeks, that can seem like eons, but looking back, pass so quickly.

Guess what! My favourite piano teacher, Tim Houle, has agreed to play for our wedding. Not only is he really talented (he's put out a couple CD's with his trio), he has put a lot of effort into not only my musical abilities, but influenced me greatly. Lately, details for the wedding are falling into place, and although it's busy, it can definitely be done and beautifully at that.

So there's this one girl I know, who every time I talk about a price we're looking at for our wedding, waves as a banner how many thousands more she paid for that same service. It's actually pretty funny, because unless you enjoy throwing money away at one day unnecessarily - you'd probably be upset that you had to pay way more than was necessary! It's as if the only way to have a beautiful wedding is to pay exorbitant amounts of money. Like for example, photos. I've priced them for anywhere from $750 - $1700. We're talking really nice photos, all the negatives, proof albums, etc. SHE paid $2,500 for hers - and they were "amazing" and she didn't want to scrimp on the pictures because they're all you have left of the day, etc. I'm like, hey woman, I'm more into photography than you are, I want my pictures to be outstanding. That doesn't mean I find an expensive photographer.. and goodness, I've seen her pictures, they aren't even out of the ordinary..!

That is my vent for the day. The end.

Before I finish talking about weddings, January 14, 2006 is the date - so mark it on your calendars!

I dropped off my winter coat today to get the zipper fixed - and I'm switching over to my black purse tomorrow. It's definitely getting colder. I don't mind it so much, theres something fun about getting to wear fuzzy scarves, and getting hugged warm again.

The other night I went to Church in the Box at Redeemer. I hadn't been to the campus in months, and when Kev pulled into the laneway, I missed RUC so bad. It was so weird, watching people who I've known, but don't know really anymore. I really missed classes, and high fives in the hall, and walking home to your dorm mates, and lots of choir, and stupid biology assignments and the feeling of belonging-ness 'cause you go to Redeemer. I really missed chapel - which I'm going to start going to again, although now that my hours are changing.. not for long.. but oh well. I missed laughing at Crown Quotes.. now I don't even know who half the people are who are quoted. I felt a bit like I "grew up" too fast. Not that I'm grown up, but theres something about being a student in your late teens/early 20's that makes you feel like you're with the right crowd.

Not that I mind where I am right now, either. It's just some times that I miss the things that weren't really what I wanted. Confusing - and not the time to think about it.

Saturday is next! Some shopping, picking up my ring (FINALLY!), and going to an auction - sounds like a good day!


Anonymous said...

Wedding planning is fun. Almost can't wait until it's my turn! :)

Let us know if we can do anything; we'd both love to help. k?


lstew said...

we miss you too.