Saturday, October 22, 2005

Life has definitelybecome a whirlwhind for Kev and I. I mean it's busy - working fulltime, planning a wedding and being in school. In some ways it's completely manageable, and at other times I am amazed at how quickly the time has passed and how much we've done, and how much there is left to do.

I cry a bit more than I used to - but for the most part I'm so happy to be planning for the future. I want the day to be beautiful, and when I get Kev reminding me that it will be because it's about us marrying each other and not about the minute details of decorating I can really relax. Yesterday I registered at Sears with Mary - I got to hold a little scanner gun and swipe everything I wanted on my list. Whoo boy - I never realized how much things were, and how many little things you need to start a house. I think I'm a little weird, I can't wait to have all of our house stuff and have it be ours. The other day I said to Kev, "The coolest thing is that we're going to get a blender, and it's OUR blender."

One thing I thought of the night we were engaged is that I want this engagement to be a time where I draw closer to God. You know how we are the bride of Christ, right? Well, at this time we are supposed to be planning for the wedding with God - we're really in the engaged time of life on this earth. I want to get myself ready in these few months, not only for my future with Kev, but also for my eternal future with my heavenly husband. Because I know what its like to be preparing for that in a physical sense, I want to make sure I translate that into a spiritual one as well... I'm not really doing the best at it, but if you could pray for me and remind me of that during this busyness... I'd really appreciate it.

Work is going good - I think it's making me anal retentive which is quite unfortunate. Every time I walk by a stack of papers I have to straighten them. I'm just waiting for the day Candice decides to unstraighten everything to drive me whack...

Oh, and don't you just love fall? I'm so amazed at myself that I've never really noticed before how the leaves dance around the road while you're driving. That is my favourite thing about this season this year.

Anyways, I'm not really sure why I wrote this post, other than to update you guys on whats going on ... so yeah, have a good Saturday all y'alls. Oh and Candice... I hope you have a uber-good Saturday... :)


Anonymous said...

"Anal Retentive"? You're not a Freudian are you?

Candice said...

au contraire, my dear - you are making me a bit anal too...ever since I've noticed you straightening papers everywhere, I tend to straighten them too. I think it's because I'm so considerate. I also clean up my desk more, so that you won't come along and clean it up around me. I think that's mostly for the sake of my own
And for the record, my Saturday was UBER ok. And that's not a word. And it never will be a word. Ok? ok.

Anonymous said...

Uber is german, just thought I'd give you a heads means big or huge..

Sarah VH said...

Whats with these anonymous comments... I'm not really a fan..

Laurs said...

Although I rarely get them .. I hate anonymous notes.. like what are you cowards not to leave a j.hancock? :P
Hope you're day's going well Sarah..