Monday, October 03, 2005

Of rings, endings and beginnings.

I first saw it the moment I turned away from a piece of paper that held great meaning. I first held it when it was put on my hand, I first looked at it in the glow of a sconce light down by the bay, and first remember what it looked like when I looked at it 10 minutes later. It's gorgeous, elegant, sparkly, unique, and wonderfully meaningful. It's a constant reminder of a beginning and an ending that are not too far away. It is my engagement ring.

I was expecting this ring, but not on that night. I was hoping for a ring I would find beautiful, but instead I have gotten a ring that constantly reminds me of so much more than aesthetics. I feel older, and younger, and more intimate, and more his since I've worn it.

So yes, that prelude up there means this: Kev and I have promised to marry each other. I had already made that promise a long time ago, but somehow since Tuesday night it's become a whole lot more real and wonderful and overwhelming. Not really the marriage part so much, just all the plans for it. It's weird, I'm engaged! Somehow, one question transforms you into a fiancee and giddy with the thought of wedding dresses and what kind of flowers to have on the reception tables. I'm fully enjoying it.

And because the story will need to be told if I don't tell it now, heres how it happened. Kev and I went to the Mandarin, where during the course of our dinner conversation he convinced me to relax and not expect a proposal. I was quite relaxed, and then shocked, when I opened my fortune cookie on a romantic walkway in Spencer Smith Park and found it asked, "Will you marry me?" Yes, he did go down on one knee, and held my hand, and I did say "yes!". I think I also asked, "Is this for real?" and probably confused bystanders with my crazy exclamations, and dancing and throwing myself at Kev. I was a little dazed to say the least, but a good dazed. I'm more satisfied and happy lately, and full of hope for the future.

And that, my friends, is the story of my ring, and a beginning, and an ending to come. I'm thrilled. (Yes, Kev, I did use the word 'thrilled'. )


Anonymous said...

YAY Kevin and Sarah!

May I also use the word 'thrilled'? Because I am. Congrats to both of you!

Jo (and the other half :P)

Nathan said...

Congrats Sarah, and Kevin. I'll be praying for you as you begin this nes venture in your life.

Anonymous said...

heck!!! thats weird. but i suppose that its pretty cool! YOUR GETTNG OLD SARAH!!! next i'm gonna be an aunt or something scary like that!! i still remember those old days of playing homebodies and having wars on the muck hills!! mmmm....good times but its sweet that your getting married. HOW AWESEOME IS THAT!!!

just remember, never, never dye your hair blue.

Lots of love ----> mirm.

this is so exciting!!!

I'm so darn pumped for you.

lstew said...

and again i say HOOT

Rachel said...


lowercaseg said...

congratulations sarah! that is such incredible and exciting news! :) (lots of smily faces for you! :) :) :)