Friday, November 11, 2005

A big shout out to my GBS girls.. I love you guys! Posted by Picasa


Laurs said...

That's a great pic with all of us actually in it.. but WOOOAH some of us look rough *cough.. me*

Ciao ox!


justine said...

yeah, was that like...early in the morning breakfast deal? almost a year ago!?!?? need some more pics, girls

Candice said...

isn't that our "Christmas" get-together...LAST YEAR??? It's almost Christmas again!! We should do that again. And I've got one word for it.


justine said...

do you mean belles? like as in all us beautiful girls? :)
let's do a photo shoot! professional? or digital camera funness? i'll bring my tripod. see yous on the 6th

lstew said...

Hey, now I know some of those people.