Saturday, March 04, 2006

Yesterday at work it was insane. I knew it might be a bit of a crazy day, seeing as it's Friday, Marleah was off vacationing - and I woke up feeling gross but not bad enought to justify taking the day off.

Then I got into work, and Candice was having a bad/sick day. Her coffee even spilled. Needless to say, she went home.

So instead of having a team of four on Fridays... we had a team of 2. And because there was only 2 of us, and the juggle of breaks/lunches... there ended up only being one for most of the afternoon/evening.

To top it all off.. yesterday was the busiest day I've seen. Where there might be 3 -6 referrals piling up on a normal busy day.. there were 15+. There were equipment orders coming out of the walls, everything was urgent - and faxing was being done in enormous amounts. Add to that phone calls from incompentent nurses, and my desk was a nightmare. I had paper everywhere - and kept taking stacks of stuff off the fax to add to the nightmare.

I didn't work overtime. I could have easily - but I was empty by 7:00. And as much as I want to give to my job, I needed to go home. So that is my crazy work day story. Candice - look what you missed!