Saturday, June 03, 2006

random saturday musings

I made a blueberry pie today. With crumble top - mmm. Kev is bringing home pizza any minute now, and I can't wait. I'm starving.

The weekend is here, and after a week of work it always feels good. We had a potluck (here I go about food again..) at work on Friday for Marleah and Candice, I think they liked it. I felt responsible since I organized it and all, but it was good fun, laughs and food. Lots of food. One thing about my department, they like to eat.

It's funny how God is working in different ways in different people I know. Some of my friends and family are going through really tough trials right now. Others, including myself, are just chillaxing through the weeks. I am moved to tears by some hard things God has handed out, and yet I find myself so blessed at the same time. Some people think this is just the ebb and flow of life, but I think if they looked closer they would see the fingerprints of our Sovereign God. Blessed be His name.

And on a final note - a huge congrats to Chris D and RachL on their recent engagement. Next May here they come! Rach and Chris deserve the best, and I'm so excited that they now can look forward to their future together - may God bless you guys..

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Josh said...

Hey S, good to finally here from you, havent talked to you since.... kevs baptism... wow, thast been a while. hope the married life is going good. things are going good here, feel free to email me back anytime eh... im still waiting on that one i sent last year sometime, lol. later