Tuesday, July 18, 2006

hot july nights

Last night we went out for drinks with Chris&Rach at the Rude Native Bistro - I had "Sex on the Beach", and I smirked a little when I ordered my drink.

I love evenings like that - warm, with a breeze, chatting with friends. It has to be one of the "moments" of a summer. You know, the ones that spring to mind when you think of summer. Picnics are another summer thing - I took Kev on one last Friday. Well, we picnicked after we walked about 2K and were recipients of about 30 bug bites. The picnic was to celebrate our half-versary. We are officially married for six months now and amazed at how fast time has gone!

You might have noticed I've been changing my template around lately. The reason for that would be my lack of satifaction with Blogger's templates. However, I am not well versed enough in HTML to correctly format any other templates from the internet.. oh the trials. So.. if any you out there have the time and desire to lend me a template that I could use I'd be very appreciative.

I've been thinking lately of taking some courses on the side, starting in September... but there are so many options and I am not sure where to start. There was one in Case Management at McMaster in "online" form that looked good. Kev entered me in a draw for a free course in that program... so here's hoping!

Anyways, time to make hotdogs. For those of you culinary type who are grimacing, believe me when I say that our cuisine isn't usually so "common". But I like 'em and so does Kev and hey - it's easy.

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Anonymous said...

I like the new template at the moment.

Hotdogs rule so long as there's salad with it.

The original Gangster.