Friday, July 28, 2006

rainy friday morning

I woke up in the night because of rain pounding the windows. I snuggled in deeper into the blankets. Ah, the luxury of having two more hours to sleep.
I'm feeling a little less benevolent towards the rain at this point, however, as I have to venture out.
The good thing about rain on a friday though, is that it's friday. And after friday, comes the weekend, and then for me, vacation time. I really can't complain I guess. And to be honest, I don't mind the rain. It's moody. I'm listening to Alanis right now - wow, what a set of pipes. Anyways, time to get ready for work. Sigh - work. I can't wait til the day when I wake up and look forward to my day. Have a good one people, enjoy your summer-rainy friday morning.

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