Thursday, August 03, 2006

algonquin: the saga

So the saga. Well, maybe not the saga, but definitely an adventure. It was absolutely fantastic to get away from the day to day life and relax by ourselves. Ah - nature.

We started out Monday morning after a hurried packing of things that didn't get done on the weekend due to M&D VH's 25th bonanza. Good times had by all. What a blessing to be able to participate in a celebration of 25 years together. But as Kev said, imagine how God sees 25 years in his big picture of time! Sorry for the tangent.

Anywho, we packed and headed out in our trusty Elantra. After 4 hours of driving, too many rounds of 'find the alphabet', lots of music and snacks - we arrived. We checked in and then went to campsite 76. We were less than impressed; a gravel circle that you could fit about 1/2 a person on. Needless to say we turned around and picked a new campite. Apparently, reservations don't always turn out!

Our first challenge was to set up a tent and make dinner. Dinner went good until we tried making garlic bread. Over a campfire stove. Didn't go so well, we burned out the bottom of the pan we were using. Brand new pan, too!

I won't go into the details of how the campfire didn't get started, or how the wood was wet, or how the paper didn't burn or how I made a hilarious joke about bringing a man who could start a fire next time, or anything like that. After that we went to bed. But it was still fun, because we read in bed with flashlights. Reminded me of when you're a kid and trying to sneak in ONE more chapter before your parents catch you reading after bedtime...

Tuesday was full of beach time, lots of reading and swimming and sunning and talking. I love not having any responsibilities. There were tons of kids on the beach, three stood out though. There were two special needs kids there with the same mother. She spent the whole day helping them play in the water, giving them snacks, normal things - that took more effort than usual. I was blown away at her level of energy and love for them. In the afternoon as they slept on her lap, she sang "I Love You, Lord" to them. It was awesome to feel a bond with a woman who I had already admired as a human being. Apparently she got her energy from the greatest power source ever.

The other "kid" I noticed was probably a 17 year old who was paralyzed, sitting in a wheelchair. A man, I'm assuming his brother, carried him in the water for over an hour. I was also impressed with this guy's dedication to his brother/friend, giving up all of his water time to let his brother enjoy it too. Really cool to see.

Tuesday night we got a good fire going, and cooked hotdogs. Mmm.. ash and burnt goodness. Then just as we were settling into our fire time - a huge thunderstorm blew up. So we went to bed early again food and books in hand. At least we were borrowing the 'rents tent and not using our little pup tent. I might have gone crazy.

Wednesday morning it was still raining but we got everything packed up in between rain showers and headed back out on the road. A short trip, but long enough to have relaxing and goooood times.

Peace, y'all.


Scatterfingers said...

You need to bring me along! I can make fires (but I demand a separate tent).


Sarah VH said...

Your comment is sparking an idea in my head - of a collective camping trip among friends..