Saturday, August 19, 2006


I love to dance. Not a lot of people I know do - at least in the circles I move in. Most people I know are scared, awkward, disinterested or horrible dancers who pretend they hate it to fool everybody else.

That being said, I'm not trying to put any of my wonderful blog readers down. No, I'm interested - does anyone else out there who reads this love to dance?

Dancing can be so many things. It can be misused greatly, but then again - what can't? Dancing is expressive, it's bonding, it's fun, it's something that you do for an hour before realizing that you're completely out of breath. It can be sexual, it can be worshipful - even both at the same time. I don't believe that God gave us bodies, made to move, to express and to interact with others and then made it so that dancing was not an acceptable way to use that body. Think of a little child, when they hear music that moves them.. what do they do? They bounce up and down on their chubby legs. I love to see that - the innocent expression of enjoyment.

Think about it.


Nathan said...


I at one point loved to dance, but have changed my personal convictions about whether or not I should. You can ask most of my North Bay friends, this is no cover for a lack of skill. Yet I still hesitate to dance because I know what kind of things dancing invokes in me when I watch it. If I spare one person one such experience by not dancing then that is good enough for me.

Actually my roomate kept trying to get me to go to the bar with him so I could show off some moves, and I was very close to doing it in exchange for him coming to church with me, but alas I never was much of a bar person. Anyway, in summation, I feel dancing is really good exercise, fun, and beneficial, but I tend to over do it. Thus do not want to do it to ensure that no more over doing it occurs.

Marleah said...

Sarah, you know I love dancing, and I have to say, until this weekend it had been a really long time since I'd had the opportunity to spend some quality time dancing. Then I went to this wedding see, and got to dance the night away. Even Tim and Jon danced...(and looked funny doing it)...but we all had so much fun I wish we could go to weddings like that more often...

Sarah VH said...

I hear Chris&Rach's wedding includes a dance... :)

craig said...

I love dancing! I can busta move, that's for sure. Although I do admit that I used to be one of those that would pretend that I didn't like it so I didn't have to do it.

I think it all depends on how you dance, what atmosphere you are participating in, who you are with, etc., that will determine whether or not dancing is appropriate.

Anonymous said...

nothing better than dancing to eight south african marimbas on the street. moving, dancing, singing, clapping--at no other time do i feel more full of the joy of God.