Monday, August 28, 2006


I was thinking today... why is it that people come up with conclusions from studies like this?:

"It has been proven that women eat 5x less candy when the container is sealed and put 4 feet away from them on their desks, then when it's at arm length and open."

I'm not lying here folks, I read this. And I thought to myself, I wish I had the type of job where I studied things that everyone else learns by common sense. Like:

"It's been proven that when you use your shower every day versus once a week, the shower get's dirtier."


"It's been proven that men are more likely to pee standing up than women."

I think I have found my career calling.


Josh said...

great idea! ive had a similar dream. i want to be the guy that names foods and drinks and stuff! you know like the guy who came up with "blue blast" for energy drinks or "tiger" for ice cream, that type of thing! it would be awesome!

Anonymous said...

" A recent study Proved that men like beer cold " - What a waste of money ! [ Coors Light ]