Tuesday, August 08, 2006

moments of childhood captured

This past weekend we were priviledged to spend time with my 3 youngest siblings - Esther, Robert and Eric.They are all very unique, loud, wonderful, hilarious kids
who I don't get to hug enough. We did all kinds of fun things,
from Niagara Falls to playing in the park,
to reading stories together.
They loved their "vacation" - the pictures don't do the weekend justice.


Tamara said...

Hey Sarah
I went on that very same ferris wheel :)
Isn't it great to be married and able to have your little siblings over? I think that is so cool.

Sarah VH said...

Yeah - I'd have to agree with you. It was a really cool weekend.

Maria said...

Sarah! I was just in Niagra Falls today, and lo and behold we went on the Sky Wheel too! Fun fun.

(this is also a test - will you delete this comment too, I wonder???)

Maria said...

Oh la la, apparently I am now comment worthy :D

Karen said...

:) cute pictures, Sarah.