Friday, September 15, 2006

fall is here - hooray!

I looked around yesterday and realized that the weather had morphed slowly into crisp mornings and slightly changed colours and I hadn't even noticed.

The leaves have begun dancing on the road as I drive by and the skies have become more moody. I wear sweaters in the evenings now and the concept of a good cup of tea is more appealing. I love the fall. I love it's look, it's weather, it's holidays, the ability it has every year to make me realize how quickly time passes, and how beautiful it is to be alive.

This fall I've begun school again, I'm taking a distance education course from Mohawk College. It's part of the Psychosocial Rehabilitation Certificate - a recovery model for people with mental health issues. I've barely gotten into it, but I'm pumped to be learning again. It was a tough decision to make, I'm already busy and I didn't know if the course was the best avenue to start, but I'm certain it is.

Last Saturday was a good day - Candice & Peter's wedding. The bride and her ladies were beautiful, the groom and his guys were handsome and Candice and Peter professed their love beautifully. The reception was honoured to hear our beer bottle orchastra randition of "here comes the bride" and everybody loved it! The dinner at the Old Mill was sweet - and now the happy couple are celebrating up north. Hope they brought sweaters. Most of all, God was honoured.

Now begins the countdowns for the next three weddings...

Yesterday, my sister Bec turned 19. That was weird for me. Because I was just there myself. I mean, I was 19 when I got engaged for goodness sakes. But anyways, happy birthday bec! love you.

This post could continue indefinitely - but I'll leave it here. Enjoy the sunny fall day...

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