Saturday, September 02, 2006

the looong weekend

Today was a good day. I had time to relax with my husband - lots of good ol' talking about nothing and everything. Saturday mornings, can't beat 'em.

Then my parents called out of the blue to let us know that Bec couldn't move in til tomorrow and needed a place to bunk in for the night. So they dropped her off and had fresh hot apple pie (I'm proud of myself, yes I am) and I got to have my parents in for tea. Marleah - we used your set!

So after making pizza with Bec we watched the original "Crocodile Dundee" - please don't watch it. Lets just say that 80s film making leaves something to be desired..

Looking forward to Monday, ya'lls. That is, for the named of you who are heading down to Port Burwell! The annual last hurrah of summer. Here's hoping there is sweet weather.

Tuesday is another day off, more relaxing, more hanging out with family (we're going out with Mich to paint the town red, or drink hot choco or something). And then back to the grind for three days. Not so bad, really.

And always in the back of my head looking foward to Candice&Peter's wedding celebrations. Wishing you all the best this week as you prepare and get more and more excited...

Have a blessed and truly Christ oriented Sunday, everyone.

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