Monday, September 25, 2006


I drove past a thousand houses today. Some small, some large, some empty. The sky was threatening, heavy, full. I surveyed each place with a critical eye. The windows as eyes, looked back.

I searched each one for a home. I gazed at the hills that surrounded the structure, the cars parked, the look of a well worn and well fitted slipper.

I’ve always been searching. For the place where the hills and trees, the walls and the doors, the colors and lines are mine. I catch an aspect here and there. The way the light plays on the yard, the doorframe.

Yet there was no where I could rest myself. I could not give myself to any of what I saw. I could not turn my head to take a second glance. I, as always, keep looking ahead to catch my first glimpse of what’s next.

I keep driving.

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