Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I'd really appreciate it if you guys could pray for me - I've been having a rough week physically, and ongoing for about 6 weeks now. Please pray that the doctor's will have wisdom, that God will heal me, and that most of all, His will will be done.

Also, please pray for Kev as he's had to be Mr. Mom for awhile now, and has a full plate with school.

I REEAALLY want to get over this.


jules said...

Hey Sarah... I was just checking in to see how your feeling... hope things are getting better. Let me know if you need a chicken soup delivery, ok? Praying for you and Kev.

Sarah Van Hartingsveldt said...

The past three days have been better, which I'm so THANKFUL for. Keep praying, we're not through this thing yet!

julie said...