Tuesday, November 28, 2006

all of the above

GBS was good last night. Lots of laughter, prayer sharing, and tea/popcorn. It was a "bible study free" night. Every once in awhile when lots of members are missing we just pray and share in depth what is going on in our lives. I like those nights best almost.

One of my co workers met my sister at a bus stop yesterday. How random. I swear that my sister Bec is the most randomest person I know - her life experiences are crazy. She's also a generous, giving person, and she's open to God using her. That's really cool. Kev and I were talking about that last night, the sense you have when you say or do something that Christ is really reaching through the medium to minister. Sunday morning we learned about that too - being open each day to God using you as He sees fit. It's a really awesome responsibility...

Life is getting bigger lately. Not so much mine, but people around me. People are doing big things. Like Marlene and Mark for example ... Congratulations on being parents!! (only 29 weeks to go...) See, that's crazy.

How did we get here so fast... getting married, having babies, dealing with big life issues like where does God want me, and moving far away (sniff, Rach) and dealing with grief over really big hurts. How did our problems and joys become about jobs and men and university/college, marriages, and children?

Christmas is coming... next week 4 out of the 7 nights I'm attending a Christmas related party/get together/concert. Speaking of concerts, tomorrow night is Trans Siberian Orchastra!!! See you all soon.

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