Wednesday, November 15, 2006

in the tradition of such posts...

Such as the one from a cool person that I know.. I thought that for my own mental health and your reading pleasure, I'd post some of my favourite things lately.

rice pudding on a chilly, damp fall night
the way words can change you
sleeping snuggled under lots of blankets while cuddling
being married almost a year
finding fulfillment in being me
pub nights with "the regulars"
walking through piles of leaves
knowing where you stand with a Holy God
rosy cheeks
watching movies that make me laugh
being able to eat 'regular' food again
applying for jobs that I'm passionate about
reconnecting with good friends
falling back on the grace of God and knowing that you're held as securely as ever by Him
singing St. Patricks Prayer with my eyes closed
christmas music
buying groceries
waiting for the first snow
the anticipation of only one week and one day til my 21st birthday
preparing for huge life events with close friends
laughing in the morning with Kev
coming home to a hug every night
singing so that the whole world can hear
the way words can create a new reality
laughing until I can't breathe on lunch breaks
having a clean house and food in the oven
finishing a productive day at work
seeing my siblings
having a mother make my food
realizing the blessings

What are yours? I tag Julie, Tammy, and Kev.

1 comment:

Annie said...

Hey Sarah,

I was talking with Michelle (your sister in law) about you yesterday.. it has been so long. Hope you're keeping well, and thanks for sharing your favorite things...hmmm I also love ze words alot.

Blessings gorgeous ;)