Friday, December 29, 2006

merry christmas, wait... that's over

So, Christmas is done again. It was awesome. I've decided married Christmases are definitely more preferable than single Christmases. I don't care that Christmases is not a word.
Our first tree is to the left - we're both very proud of it, so if you think it is hideous, please break the news gently.
We've both had some time off, which has been awesome considering the chaos of Kev's life during exams and mine during the CCAC alignment. Today was my last day working for the CCAC of Halton. When I get back on Thursday the 4th, I'll be working for the Mississauga Halton CCAC. If you don't understand this, please don't ask questions - it's complicated...
The headlines all say that Saddam Hussein could be executed tonight. I wonder what goes through Mr. Hussein's head as he reads about his life hanging in the balance... when will the axe fall? I know that there is a Saddam inside that knows that He is not ready to meet his Creator. No matter the power you've held, you still stand in front of the Judge as an imperfection.


jules said...

Your tree is stunning! I'm envious... I cant wait to have a tree of my own. :D

Glad you had a nice Christmas.. and have a really happy new years eve/ new years day!

Laura said...

Yup.. I like the tree :) Cute.

Candice said...

probably time to let the ol' tree die. It's liberating....oh wait, maybe you already have, and never told me - which would be weird because there's really not much you don't tell me...See you all day Monday, again, argh. (argh about work, not you - love ya)