Wednesday, January 31, 2007

my side of the world this fine tuesday

I went out for hot drinks and dessert at Demetre's tonight with Aimee and Sarah - good times had by all. Always fun to hang out with people you don't know as well, and find friends who love books, non-prudishness, discussing current issues and life as women.

I'm a new addict to Facebook. Apparently, I'm stereotypical. Who knew? *chucklesnervously*

You know how I just said I chuckled? Well, I didn't. I love the internet, you can do anything you want. For example, if you made a group on Facebook that was called "Sky diving Diva's" and posted pictures of people skydiving that could resemble you and learned about skydiving, lots of people from your old highschool would think "wow, that Sarah - she may be an old married, but look at that, she's still that go getter I remember from the days at LCCVI".

Anyways, past that little aside.

I felt better this afternoon, and so got a few things done, like some cleaning. Apparently my Oma (the supercritic) believes that I am an amazing housekeeper/cook/person in general. The only thing that I could improve on is not putting honey in her tea. I found this out from the people she visited after me who reported back on my accomplishments. aha - all that frantic housecleaning and cooking worked!

Ciao all.

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jules said...

Thats hillarious... my Oma also thinks that I cant do any wrong... I'm not so much looking forward to her visiting my home someday and finding out different :P
...AND you went to lccvi? My brother and cousins were there... I on the other hand was sent off to PRC, lccvi was just what I was threatened with in case I didnt get my grades up. :)
Hope things are well with you... are you feeling any better? ~J