Wednesday, May 09, 2007

all about everything

So as documented by my last post date, I've been a little busy and preoccupied lately.

What with a few last minute showers for Rach, organizing a wedding shower for a woman at my church, a belated Easter dinner and birthday celebration for Dylan, a date with Kev to celebrate his being done another year at school, midwife appointments, shopping for Kev's new job, and Rach's wedding stuff, and stuff for the baby, a day in Toronto at Casa Loma, a weekend at my parent's to celebrate Eric's 6th birthday (we got him the cool double light sabre that was his favourite!), Stefan's Profession of Faith, meeting with the family regarding a trip to Europe next year, Kev's award ceremony (he's amazing!), Kev starting his new job, the wedding rehearsal for Chris and Rach, then two days of busyness in Kitchener getting ready for the wedding and then FINALLY, the big day last Friday ... well, it's been a busy 3.5 weeks.

That made me tired ... which happens a lot lately!

It's been a great time too ... I've had some time off in there, which gave me the opportunity to spend time with Kev after not seeing him enough during the last month of school and being a part of Chris and Rach's wedding was awesome. It's so special to be an intricate part of a wedding that means SO much to you. They're honeymooning in Cuba currently, and I can't wait for them to get back so we can talk about everything. :)

Everybody asks me lately how the baby is doing ... and while I haven't spoken with him/her lately, I can tell you that this little 5 ounce, 6 inch long baby has taken over my body. I'm stupid-er, tired-er, less patient-er, bigger, and less comfortable-er than before. But I really don't mind ... at least not that much. I'm 16 weeks = 4 months. The baby is growing quickly, gaining hearing capacities, learning to cry silently (awww), moving around (although I can't feel it too well yet), somersaulting and playing with it's umbilical cord .. all pretty cool.

I'm excited, 'cause it's my first Mother's Day on Sunday. Not that anything is going to happen ... but yeh.

So Kev's job is going well - still adjusting to the new commute (GO train/streetcar) to Toronto, and the new hours (he leaves at 8 and gets back at 6:45), and the new work. He puts way too much pressure on himself to be perfect from day one. It's why he's such a good employee, and why he'll go far in any job - but also why he was so stressed he almost had a breakdown last week. All while I was an hour away in Kitchener ... bad timing ... He's still working Saturday at RONA for about 5-6 hours too. But things are getting better and more comfortable, so that's good. I'll just be glad when his first month is done, and things are a little more normal. Whatever that is.

Oh, and if anyone wants to come over and fold laundry, and finish my dishes, and vacuum my house, and clean the bathroom and make a grocery list/menu plan for me ... feel free. I'm a little behind.

And now that I'm thinking about that, I should probably get my butt in gear, before I get too lazy in this computer chair.


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Kevin said...

you are amazing. you make every day beautiful, and you work so hard. i'm so proud of you, and sorry i don't pamper you more... you deserve it every day. i love you...