Friday, June 29, 2007

the LORD gives, and the LORD takes away ...

... Blessed be the name of the LORD.

Yesterday held both rejoicing and mourning. Mark & Marlene got to meet their little Jared for the first time - how awesome is that! I can't wait to meet him and hear how everything went. The beginning of a life on earth, and a reminder that God is such a good giver of gifts.

God also takes away. Last night, Craig VanderVeen - one of the most awesome guys I've ever been privileged to be friends with, died in a car accident. He was at home in Manitoba - and get this, his facebook status was "Craig is home - booyah!" I don't think his status could reflect any better what he's experiencing right now.

Craig was focused, sincere, a great friend, smart, hilarious, and one of the most committed Christians I know. I'm going to miss him...

There are a lot of people who were closer to him than me, and loved him more, so please pray. But also rejoice - because Craig is truly home.

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