Saturday, August 18, 2007

august 18

Is is just me or is summer almost done? I always feel like it takes summer so long to creep in and when it finally bursts forth, it's a brilliant splash of sun, wind, beach, BBQ, parties, swimming, weddings, hot days, cool nights and then - Labour Day. Bam. Done, just like that.

It's been a good summer. It IS a good summer.

There have been no major vacations this summer, just mini ones. Kev and I spent Civic Holiday swimming, mini golfing, relaxing, reading, etc. It was awesome. And then, we're going camping next weekend at Rockpoint with some friends, which should be great fun. I hear Nick is planning crepes for breakfast. Most likely I won't have to help make them either, and if they try to make me, I'll just play the "I'm in my eighth month of pregnancy" card. Believe it or not, I haven't really used that one too much.

Last night was LivingWorship - park version. It went really well, great turnout and lots of people stopping by and or sitting down, and even some joining in. It was a totally different experience than usual, and I felt a little out of it the whole time because all I could hear was my own voice and the guitar right next to me. One really big downer was that Carol Lee's violin fell from the wind and dislodged a few parts. Hopefully it can be repaired easily and without much expense ....

Funny story - the other day I was talking to my Mom on the phone and she told my 6 year old brother Eric to take out the compost. He was willing, and headed out the door to the compost pile. About a minute later, I hear my Mom yell out the back door, "Eric, you need to take the compost pail WITH you." Details, details.

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