Tuesday, February 05, 2008

life as it is

Life here is good. I'm settling into the groove ... some days feeling a bit like I have a 12lb weight hanging from me ... but usually loving it. Kev's in his last semester of school and getting progressively busier as it moves towards his final project due in April. He always pushes himself to reach that next bar, and this project is no different .. except he has to lead four other guys, who may or may not have the same objective. Group work ... oh, the not so fond memories I have.

Jakob is 15 weeks today ... that's 3 1/2 months. He's rolling and laughing and trying to sit up and becoming such a fun, interesting personality. His latest thing is sitting up and then bending forward completely so he can suck on his feet. Except then he can't pull himself back up into a sitting position ... too funny!

LivingWorship is starting a new round of events ... first practice tonight. We're focusing on humility this year, which is always humbling. So, so far to go.

I was looking at house prices the other day .. and wow, that was a exercise in disappointment. GTA house prices are RIDICULOUS! Makes me almost want to move out of this area. Almost, but not.

That's about all I have time for ... have a good one!

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cht13er said...

Kitchener is super good to move to right now .. house prices are pretty sweet and there's good jobs :P